Registration Division
Responsible for the followings:
Registration¡BAcademic records¡BGraduation Qualification Check and Student ID cards issuing...
College of Engineering (Miss Shu-Mei Yang) ext. 6028
College of Agriculture and College of Veterinary Medicine (Miss Yu-Ying Chen) ext. 6012
College of Management (Mr.Ting-Sian Lin) ext. 6022
College of Agriculture¡BCollege of Humanities and Social Sciences and International College (Miss Yeh-Hsiah Chou) ext. 6013
Other academic related business (Miss Su-Jen Lee) ext. 6017

Curriculum Division
Responsible for the followings:
Courses Offering (Mr.Peng-Yung Chen) ext. 6406
Examinations and Tests (Ms. Chun-Yeh Chiu) ext. 6027
Class Attendance Records (Ms. Chun-Yeh Chiu) ext. 6027
Instructor Teaching Loads and Payments (Miss Shu-Chuan Pan) ext. 6018
Leave of Absence for Instructors (Ms. Chun-Yeh Chiu) ext. 6027
Make-up Courses Arrangement (Mr.Peng-Yung Chen) ext. 6406
Courses Planning and Modification (Mr.Peng-Yung Chen) ext.6406
Classrooms and Teaching Related Resources Management (Miss Shu-Chuan Pan) ext. 6018

General Academic Affairs Division
Responsible for the followings:
Entrance Examination and Recruitment (Mr.Kuo-Chang Lin) ext. 6014
Entrance Examination and Recruitment (Miss Mei-Li Kung) ext. 6039
Entrance Examination and Recruitment (Mr.Sheng-Chih Yu) ext. 6023

Continuing Education Division
Responsible for the followings:
(Mr.Zheng-Guo Liu) ext. 7329
(Mr.Cheng-Hsien Wu) ext. 7363

Center for Teaching Excellence
Responsible for the followings:
TA training and certification review (Mr.Jeng-Wen Wu) ext. 6133
Learning resources management (Mr.Jeng-Wen Wu) ext. 6133
Transact management committee council (Mr.Jeng-Wen Wu) ext. 6133
Budget management (Miss Feng-Ping Cheng) ext. 6136
Transact project assistant council (Miss Feng-Ping Cheng) ext. 6136
Plan and transact teaching workshop (Miss Pei-Yun Chen) ext. 6132
Document management and reports upload (Miss Meng-Jeng Chou) ext. 6135
Analyze teaching and learning achievements (Miss Hsin-Yi Lin) ext. 6137
Update website and e-paper content (Mr.Yung-Ru Ke) ext. 6138

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