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Dean (a full-time professor faculty) of the Office of Academic Affair is in charge of overall academic affairs for the National Pingtung University of Science and Technology. The Office of Academic Affair is grouped into four divisions including
(1) Registration Division
(2) Curriculum Division
(3) General Academic Affairs Division
(4) Center for Teaching Excellence
Each division is assigned a director (a full-time faculty) and several staff members.


The Office of Academic Affair is located on the first floor of the Administration building (find me here).

The Faculty and Students’ Quality and Quantity

1. The number of students and teachers in Academic Year 2011-2012 (1st. Semester)
 (1) Number of students of all levels: 11,208.

Academic Degree

Bachelor’s level

Master’s level

Doctoral level


Day Division





Extension Division









 (2) The numbers of the faculty are as follows: 117 professors, 141 associate professors, 109 assistant professor, 28 lecturers, and 13 full-time teachers. There are 305 teachers with doctoral degree and the percentage of full-time professors holding highest degree in field: 99.84%.

2. According to the regulation, Scale of Development and Resource Condition Standard of Numbers of Colleges and Above, by Ministry of Education, the faculty student ratio is 1:26.92, in accordance with the ratio 1:32 regulated in technology universities. As for the Day Division, the faculty student ratio is 1:23.41 in accordance with the regulated ratio 1:25. As for the Post-graduates, the faculty student ratio is 1:6.49, in accordance with regulated ratio 1:12.

Professional Development School

The university is featured and specialized in several professional development fields: biomedical area, green energy, tropical agriculture, ecological and hazard mitigation, free software, business innovation management, and cultural and creative industry.

Teaching Features in the University

National Pingtung University of Science and Technology has been continuing proved by the Teaching Excellence Project of the Ministry of Education for the past seven years. NPUST devotes to advance teaching quality, research competition, and the learning achievement. NPUST has become the most featured university specialized in tropical agriculture, and has the reputed distinction in teaching, research, and building human capacity. Based on the characteristic of tropical agriculture and other professions to develop, NPUST has won both national and international status.

Goals for Education in PingTech

We perceive “benevolence and truth” as our motto of education.
The goals of education are:

1.To be professional

(1)Learning indicators are assessed according to knowledge of basic subjects and students’ learning results; we aim to improve the learning in basic subjects and increase professional knowledge.

(2)We encourage interaction between teachers and students, and the utilization of the warning mechanism for students who are falling behind. We also motivate students to engage with the process of gaining knowledge.

(3)We propose and strive for plans that help to improve teaching quality and equipment so as to boost teaching achievement.

(4)We impel the digitalization of teaching materials for the Moodle e-learning platform.

2.To be holistic

(1)We group students in teams for basic subjects in order to strengthen students’ ability in these basic subjects.

(2)We offer courses and lectures in various fields of general education in order to improve students’ general knowledge.

(3)We offer and help students plan a cross-field program, an employment-based learning program and other special programs.

(4)We encourage students to learn by doing volunteer work and participating in international volunteer work.

3.To be international

(1)We aim to strengthen students’ language ability in order to increase competitiveness in the global workforce.

(2)We aim to enhance and build international collaboration in teaching and academic exchange to encourage teachers to perform classroom instruction in English, the world’s lingua franca.

(3)We aim to encourage interaction in both daily life and in classrooms between local and international students.

(4)We offer scholarships for distinguished students to send such students to one of our sister universities to study. We also encourage outstanding students to contribute to academic conferences outside Taiwan.

8 Capabilities PingTech Students are Expected to Acquire

Based on the educational goals of NPUST, through courses in General Education and classroom instruction in each department, our students are expected to obtain and develop capabilities in the following areas:
  • Core components that form engaged citizenry
  • Aesthetic appreciation
  • Human care and social adaptability
  • Innovative leadership and communication-based collaboration
  • Ethical and rational thinking
  • Applying a second language to a real-world situation
  • Increased cultural awareness and scientific knowledge
  • The ability to think locally and globally

Contact Information:

Office Hours:
8 –12 am, 1-5 pm (Taiwan Time)
Monday ~ Friday

Office of Academic Affairs
National Pingtung University of Science and Technology 1 Hseuh Fu Road, Neipu Hsiang Pingtung, Taiwan.

Phone: 886-8-7740115
Fax: 886-8-7740168

Dean: Dr.Wei-Hua Lu

   Secretary:Mr.Fu-Lang Wang
   Janitor: Ms. Ming-Chang Yu

◎Registration Division

Director: Mr. Fu-Lang Wang

Ms. Sufia Chen
Ms. Shu-Mei Yang
Ms. Yu-Ying Chen
Mr. Ting-Sian Lin
Ms. Yeh-Hsiah Chou

◎Curriculum Division

Director: Dr. Yu-Chieh Chao

Ms. Shu-Chuan Pan
Ms. Chun-Yeh Chiu
Ms. Chu-Chun Yang
Mr.  Peng-Yung Chen
Ms. Shu-Ju Tsai


◎General Academic Affairs Division

Director: Dr.Hsuan-Kai Lin

Mr. Sheng-Chih Yu
Mr. Chung-Ren Fang
Ms. Mei-Li Kung


◎Continuing Education Division

Director: Mr. Fu-Lang Wang

Mr. Zheng-Guo Liu
Mr. Cheng-Kai Yang

Center for Teaching Excellence

Director: Dr.Li-Hsin Wu

Ms. Zhi-Fen Li

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